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ASR-RAMC-BigCCSC: A Chinese Conversational Speech Corpus
Multi-Modal Driver Behaviors Dataset for DMS
ASR-SCKwsptSC: A Scripted Chinese Keyword Spotting Speech Corpus
ASR-SCCantDuSC: A Scripted Chinese Cantonese (Canton) Daily-use Speech Corpus
ASR-SCCantCabSC: A Scripted Chinese Cantonese (Canton) Cabin Speech Corpus
ASR-EgArbCSC: An Egyptian Arabic Conversational Speech Corpus
ASR-CCantCSC: A Chinese Cantonese (Canton) Conversational Speech Corpus
ASR-SpCSC: A Spanish Conversational Speech Corpus
Chinese Conversational Text Corpus - Daily Life


MH-NLP-016 English (China) Multi-Turn Dialogue Corpus - Navigation
MH-NLP-017 English (China) Multi-Turn Dialogue Corpus - Navigation
MH-NLP-034 Chinese Multi-Turn Dialogue Corpus - Daily Life
LEX-SpwrdPronun: A Spanish Word list for Pronunciation Lexicon Augmentation 
ASR-IbSC: An Iban Speech Corpora
ASR-THCHS30-CSC: A Chinese Speech Corpus from Tsinghua University
MH-NLP-019 Chinese Multi-Turn Dialogue Corpus - In-Car Service
MH-NLP-033 Chinese Multi-Turn Dialogue Corpus - Daily Life

Datasets Customized Service

Magichub is an open source datasets community, while Magic Data still running commercial dataset producing business, including Data Gathering, Labeling, and Annotation Platform Deployment.

Free datasets in Magichub is on puepose for basic modeling training / validation / testing. In mean while customizing specific datasets is possible.

Just feel free telling us your demand, and once the message received, we would contact you as soon as possible.