About MagicHub

MagicHub community is an open-source data platform developed by Beijing Magic Data Technology Company Limited dedicating to assist AI developers in model training and to promote development of open-source ecosystem.

It has always been a thorny issue for AI engineers that both the acquisition and the cleaning of high quality, clearly categorized data are time-consuming tasks. This inevitable fact may result in a considerable loss of time in algorithm optimization. Moreover, open-source datasets are usually distributed on distinct platforms and most likely different in formats. Magic Data Tech, accordingly, put time and effort into building the MagicHub community, providing developers easier access to open data. We sincerely invite all data producers and users to join us in improving this community by publishing open-source data, giving advice, or any possible way.

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Please NOTE: open-source datasets on this website are only for your personal, non-commercial use. No part of the data may be distributed or reproduced in any form or any means without permission from the copyright holder. The final interpretation belongs to Beijing Magic Data Technology Co., Ltd.

Updated at 09/19/2022.

Our Community Partners

Through collaborations, we work closely with our partners in the eco-system for providing better platform for AI developers.