Will Humans Be Replaced by AI?

Posted at 2 years ago

AI-generated art has experienced rapid growth in both popularity and accessibility over the past few months. With engines like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion spurring an influx of AI-generated artwork on online platforms. A 39-year-old game designer in the United States created a piece of work with the AI ​​drawing tool Midjourney, and won the first prize in an art competition at the Colorado State Fair. As soon as the results were announced, they caused widespread heated discussions and news of this result even made it to the hot search list on Weibo. In a follow-up, the artist stated that the work was not completely generated by AI, and he has also incorporated many ideas, to create a work produced under careful "modulation". The image below shows the winning AI painting (from The Washington Post):

In fact, image synthesis models often include copyrighted images in their training data, which include numerous photographs and artworks scraped from the web, often without the consent of any artist. After this incident, many creators clearly stated in the media that it is forbidden to use their own works to train AI models.

As a result, certain digital platforms like Getty Images, InkBlot Art, Fur Affinity, and Newgrounds have announced a complete ban on AI-generated content, in order to keep their sites focused on human-created art.

But it is undeniable that AI has been constantly "invading" our daily work and life. AI can complete tasks in a few seconds that take human efforts hours and years to complete.

Digital Virtual Human

The art industry, which requires rich imagination, is "involved" with  AI, and AI is even more popular in other industries. The most popular virtual human track now touches almost every industry.

The virtual digital human is a digital image that is close to the human image through computer graphics technology. It is created and completed by computer means such as graphics rendering, motion capture, deep learning, and speech synthesis. , language interaction ability, performance ability, etc.) and identity ID setting.

At present, many well-known brands have begun to use virtual idols in their advertising campaigns and sign long-term agreements with virtual idols. Brands including Dior, Balenciaga, Prada and more began to appear on the social accounts of virtual idols. In addition, some traditional brokerage and model companies have also begun to test the virtual idol business, such as the virtual idol girl group A-SOUL under Lehua Entertainment. By expanding the diversification and richness of their own businesses, they can better seize market opportunities.

Humanoid Robot

In addition to these virtual digital workers, humanoid robots are also frequently active in the public eye. In addition to Xiaomi "Tie Da", Tesla Tesla Bot, in the 2022 World Robot Conference, there are more and more new scenes of humanoid robots turning into "traffic stars". In addition to dexterous jumping robot dogs, bionic robots that are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and medical robots of various shapes.

The most eye-catching is the endoscopic surgical robot. As the first domestically-made four-arm endoscopic surgical robot approved for the market, the listing of Thumai will break the “Da Vinci” previously produced by the American Intuitive Surgical Company in the domestic market. big pattern. In addition, there are surgical robots, massage robots, and nucleic acid robots all showing their magical powers, which makes people feel that there will be robots in many high-precision industries in the future.

From the entertainment industry to the live broadcast industry, to the game industry, from CCTV broadcasters to major e-commerce customer service, we feel the benefits and impact of AI in various industries all the time.

In the face of these shocks, on the one hand, we feel the convenience brought by technology, on the other hand, we have a lot of worries and anxiety. Will AI replace our position in the next moment, and will we be abandoned and forgotten by this era? These are questions for each of us to ponder. However, the trend of the times is never transferred by personal will. What we can do is to continue to learn and grow, and become people who can control robots. This is also the key to not being replaced by AI.

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