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Posted at 2 years ago

Welcome to our open-source AI data community!! See introduction of MagicHub by our Founder&CEO Dr. Qingqing Zhang

MagicHub is a data-centric AI community that provides resources for AI developers to promote innovation and progress within the field. Aside from the actual open-source data, MagicHub also serves as a plarform for data producers and users to ask questions, give advice, and solve problems by cooperation. The community is also dedicated to provide insights into the specific trends in challenges that AI developers may be facing and seeking to create data sets as solutions to those challenges.

As AI has created new levels of accessibility within video conferencing, MagicHub seeks to do the same in the world of machine learning and data annotation. Our goal is not just to produce high quanlity data sets to meet the needs of the current level of AI, but to be part of the progress into the future of machine learning. While we have many excellent data sets for open source, here at Magichub we understand the importance of open-source data to the future of AI and machine learning.

Follow us and stay tuned!

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