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NLP_Chinese-Japanese Parallel Corpus - E-Commerce
TTS-IndSinhalaMulSpkr: A Sinhalese Multi-speaker Corpora 
LEX-Sprakbanken_Swe: A Swedish Pronunciation Dictionary
ENV-SRIRs: A Room Impulse Responses Database
NLP-CantabTEDLIUM1.1: Cantab Research Language Models for the TEDLIUM Database
ENV-: A Simulated Room Impulse Response Database
ASR-ALFFA: African Languages in the Field (Speech Fundamentals and Automation)
ASR-THUYG20: A free Uyghur speech database by CSLT@Tsinghua University & Xinjiang University
LEX-SpwrdPronun: A Spanish Word list for Pronunciation Lexicon Augmentation 
ENV-AIR: The Aachen Impulse Response Database
ASR-MUSANAudio: A corpus of music, speech & noise
LEX-BEEPDict: A British English Phonemic Transcription Corpus 
ENV-RWCP: A Sound Scene Database
NLP-LM4ASR: A Text Dataset for Modelling Language of ASR Systems
LEX-AMI: A Dataset of Auxiliary Words for AMI Systems with Kaldi
LEX-Sprakbanken: A Danish pronunciation dictionary generated using eSpeak
LEX-MSUSwibTrans: A Transcriptions & Lexicon of Switchboard Dataset
NLP-CAutoCabCC: A Chinese Automobile Cabin Command Corpus
NLP-EAutoCabCC: An English Automobile Cabin Commands Corpus
ASR-DevCECoMiCSC: A DEV Set of Chinese-English Code-Mixing Conversational Speech Corpus